Red Cerberus offers specialized services to ensure the quality of your game.

Development Outsourcing

Extending Your Game and Your Team

Red Cerberus was formed to support development teams with support they needed affordably.  Many of the indie teams we have helped it has been to augment their engineering team, add art, animation, or UX.  Our goal is to help your product be successful, to add the features that may just be out of reach, or just to simply help it get across the finish line.

When it comes to porting your game, many teams expect large budget or large time gaps when porting their game from PC to mobile or PC to console. We pride ourselves in our ability to work economically and timely in order to help indie teams get their game to other platforms.  We work to make this an easy and hopefully profitable decision.

Quality Assurance

Helping Improve Your Game One Bug at a Time

Launching your game without proper functionality testing can be devastating on its sales, your community and your brand. Whether you are developing on mobile, console, PC or VR, we can help you avoid these errors.  We adapt to current trends, hardware and consumer needs.  Listening to the community is another key element to understanding where your user base is having issues and helping you identify what needs to be focused on to fix this in development.

Customer Experience

Retaining Customers is Key Component to Success

Managing your customers from acquisition through to retention is a challenge for any developer.  Our team keeps a constant monitor on your community to ensure you are actively responding to reviews, customer feedback and support issues.

Localization Services

Increase Day One Sales and Featuring Opps

We can localize your game in the targeted languages  you need.  If you want to focus on EFIGs, we have you covered. If you are looking to maximize featuring opportunities to cover off on EFIGS, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and many more, then we can execute on that as well.